Down to Earth by Rainbow

Published May 14, 2023

Down to Earth by Rainbow

Album info

  • Title Down to Earth
  • Artist Rainbow
  • Year 1979
  • Genre Hard Rock


Side One

  1. All Night Long
  2. Eyes of the World
  3. No Time to Lose
  4. Makin’ Love

Side Two

  1. Since You Been Gone
  2. Love’s No Friend
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Lost in Hollywood


This album is pretty much exactly what you think it’s going to be - some medium level rock tunes from a band that Wikipedia calls a supergroup as it features members from other bands coming together. To be hoenst, only Since You Been Gone has any staying power, the rest is quite forgettable, but overall it’s not a bad album.

Rating: 2 / 5

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