Clare Bowen by Clare Bowen

Published November 7, 2020

Clare Bowen by Clare Bowen

Album info

  • Title Clare Bowen
  • Artist Clare Bowen
  • Year 2018
  • Genre Singer/Songwriter


  1. Let It Rain
  2. Doors & Corridors
  3. Tide Rolls In
  4. Aves’ Song
  5. All the Beds I’ve Made
  6. Lullabye
  7. Sweet Williams
  8. Lijah & the Shadow
  9. Little by Little
  10. Grace of God & You
  11. Warrior


This was an absolute surprise and revelation. Obviously, I know of Clare from the Nashville TV show but I missed that she’d released an album a few years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect because the show is all about country music but I know that Clare is from Australia where (Keith Urban aside) country music isn’t as huge as it is elsewhere.

I loved it! For a while it confused me how to place the genre of the album, it’s sort of like Enya and that folksy, ephereal style but with a bit more grounded pop underpinning it. Some of the songs stuck in my mind for ages after listening which is a good sign!

Rating: 5 / 5

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