Age Ain't Nothing But a Number by Aaliyah

Published September 19, 2021

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number by Aaliyah

Album info

  • Title Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
  • Artist Aaliyah
  • Year 1994
  • Genre R&B/Soul


  1. Intro
  2. Throw Your Hands Up
  3. Back & Forth
  4. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number
  5. Down With the Clique
  6. At Your Best (You Are Love)
  7. No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do
  8. I’m So Into You
  9. Street Thing
  10. Young Nation
  11. Old School
  12. I’m Down
  13. Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly’s Remix)


Aaliyah’s music hasn’t been available on streaming before, so as soon as it was I wanted to grab the opportunity to listen. I know a few of her songs, but none from this album, so starting from the beginning was a bit of an education. She has a wonderful voice and the 90s R&B is right up my street. The R Kelly influence is a bit uncomfortable, but that’s not Aaliyah’s fault. Can’t wait to get to the next one.

Rating: 3 / 5

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