I Could Never Be Your Woman

Published May 15, 2022

I Could Never Be Your Woman

Film info

  • Title I Could Never Be Your Woman
  • Director Amy Heckerling
  • Year 2007
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Drama, Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Find yourself. In love.

Rosie, a smart, sexy and successful single mom refuses to accept that life has passed her by just because she has turned 40. Rosie stays young at heart through the love and friendship she shares with her teenage daughter. Then talented young actor Adam walks into her life and straight into her heart. Finally, Rosie seems to have met the right man... though he's many years her junior... but is this just one more time she'll have to say 'I could never be your woman'.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:08 Is there a list of the weirdest starts to a movie ever?
8:32 Wait, David Mitchell is talking to Michelle Pfeiffer? What is this movie?
10:40 So many British comedy people in this.
12:22 “Let the games begin.”
19:48 I really don’t like this movie but can’t stop watching because who knows who else is going to turn up next?
19:49 Oh, Graham Norton! Sure!
23:45 “Technically, it’s not magic, it’s sugar.” Lucky Charms diss!
32:07 Paul Rudd is incredible at lone dancing, it’s got to be said.
41:07 He’s cute but he’s exhausting.
42:26 Measuring time on the Madonna scale.
55:34 Woohoo, a Mrs Robinson reference and we’ve seen it!!
1:02:21 “I’m not going to help you pack, so don’t go there.”
1:12:23 Being Bruce Willisy. Adorbz.
1:20:49 I wasn’t expecting a debate on the education system in this.
1:32:46 “If enough people are ridiculous, it starts to look normal.”


What the hell is this movie?

It’s a 1 out of 5, it’s terrible. And yet it’s also somehow unmissable? It’s made up of startling moments and the very occasional genius moment, but they are buried in a really bad movie with terrible lighting and colours and a pretty poor message of older vs younger women.

The faces that kept popping up were an endless surprise - Olivia Colman just loitering in the background, Graham Norton as a studio dresser, Mackenzie Crook facing Michelle Pfeiffer’s unexpected wrath, and so many more.

At heart, I liked the chemistry between Pfeiffer and Rudd, that bounced off the screen, and there just aren’t enough words to describe how talented Saoirse is even at this young age. Isn’t It Moronic is an anthem and should have been the words.

Genuinely awful film. But also… you have to watch it.

Rating: 1 / 5

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