Die Hard

Published May 31, 2010

Die Hard

Film info

  • Title Die Hard
  • Director John McTiernan
  • Year 1988
  • Run time 2hrs 12m
  • Genres Action, Thriller
  • Tagline 40 stories, twelve terrorists, one cop

On Christmas Eve, New York cop John McClane is visiting his estranged wife Holly in Los Angeles, where she works. They are attending a party at Holly's high-rise office block when terrorists, led by the suave Hans Gruber break in, taking everyone hostage. With time running out, McClane is forced to got to extreme lengths to try and save the day.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:24 How do you make a fist with your toes? Don’t you have to be an actual monkey to do that?
2:13 I have never used one of those baggage things. I think I would get pulled onto it.
5:05 She didn’t say bye. Just hung up on the babysitter. How rude.
6:17 Isn’t he supposed to be in the back of the limo?
7:49 A tape!
9:59 Was he annoyed that she put her maiden name?
13:47 Gah, the sniffing is so annoying. If ever there was a reason not to do drugs.
15:58 He wouldn’t like me very much. I didn’t even take my husband’s name in the first place.
19:45 I was just saying Bruce is in his vest, it’s about time they started blowing things up.
23:58 Only Bruce can fight off terrorists in bare feet.
26:27 He knows everything about this guy but not what he looks like?
32:49 Dry ice and blue lighting. I sense the influence of Jan de Bont.
34:19 If he talks to himself, then I think it’s okay. Not a sign of madness at all.
36:47 Those are some pretty bad glasses. The only sign of the 80s so far though.
40:06 I like a fountain in a skyscraper. Can I have a fountain in my house?
42:35 All these behind the scenes places of a building you don’t normally see. All sorts of things could be happening in there.
44:36 “Do I sound like I wanted a pizza?”
47:47 There was an episode of Casualty involving a giant fan. It didn’t end well.
50:38 How very Lara Croft!
57:23 That is one way of getting his attention, for sure. Let’s just throw dead bodies around.
1:00:54 That’s the guy on the plane in Die Hard II, right?
1:04:29 Why do the LAPD have a massive truck?
1:07:51 Aww, he noticed. I liked it when he was partying in the limo obliviously.
1:09:12 How do giant lights help? Also, they really need some Lite Panels.
1:15:45 His name is Hans? Is he supposed to be German? The accent is not great.
1:17:06 I like that he ever so slightly has no idea what he is doing. He’s no James Bond.
1:26:06 Al is awesome.
1:30:06 Everyone in the FBI is called Johnson.
1:33:16 He’s not disguising his voice well. I don’t believe Bruce would fall for it.
1:36:10 Ugh, kneecaps, gross.
1:38:58 “Only John can drive somebody that crazy.”
1:54:09 Hollywood is obsessed with Vietnam.
2:03:04 That is a long way to fall. Ouch.
2:03:20 She’s kissing him and he’s all bloody and gross.
2:05:53 I knew Al was awesome!
2:06:46 Oh, and that’s why he has a restraining order! Now it all makes sense.


Our somewhat regular weekly movie slot appeared and we weren’t sure what to watch. A quick scan through the suggestions list and Die Hard jumped out of us. We’ve both seen it before but could barely remember it. Personally, I saw Die Hard II before I saw this one, and that is the one that I love more than anything (despite the whole plane thing).

Always love Bruce saving the world. There aren’t as many catchphrases in here as I thought there were but still, I love it. I still like the second one more, but this one must have been good because it broke the dreaded two hour barrier and I didn’t even notice. Go Bruce!

Rating: 5 / 5

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