Published June 13, 2010


Film info

  • Title Lost
  • Director Darren Lemke
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 1hr 30m
  • Genres Action, Thriller
  • Tagline Be careful which way you turn

Trapped in a maze of endless desert highways, bound by a vital deadline, and pursued by an unseen menace... Jeremy Stanton is about to take the longest ride of his life. He will learn that when you reach the crossroads of life... you must be careful which way you turn.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:58 Needs more Google Maps.
3:46 This is all very Phone Booth.
5:59 The air freshener is significant?
7:47 Is Road Aid an actual thing?
10:25 I wonder what her online resources are. Definitely not Google.
11:29 Litterbug! Just cos you’re in the middle of the desert, that’s no excuse.
12:06 He does know that driving faster doesn’t save fuel, right?
13:30 Yay for being picked up on the litterbug thing.
16:36 Oooh, he’s one of the robbers! No wonder he was worried about the policeman.
19:33 It looks like he has a lot of make up on.
21:31 He’s definitely told his wife too much.
25:45 He talks too much. Archer could have been listening.
27:28 Woah. See what I said? Archer was listening.
30:50 That’s a good point, he couldn’t tell him where he is even if he wanted to.
31:48 If that was my phone, it would have run out of battery by now.
35:45 Do people really keep keys in their cars? Even in the middle of the desert, I still wouldn’t.
37:20 How does he do that? The cop keeps getting in front and then passing him again.
40:05 Interesting how the truck had everything he needed, i.e. binoculars.
45:29 I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or not.
48:50 Hey, wait a minute. How did he get the truck going again?
49:37 I don’t like people that write all over their maps.
51:19 He’s been there before. He needs Judy again. Or Google Maps.
54:11 Where do I recognise the trooper from? (IMDB says nowhere.)
57:22 Those look like pretty treacherous driving conditions, even on straight roads.
59:40 Does she have her internet resources at her brother’s house too?
1:01:29 Does everyone have a favourite colour?
1:04:14 He can’t possibly remember the directions after all that chatting. I certainly don’t.
1:08:02 He should turn into Superman right about now. That would solve everything.
1:10:04 That’s ever so slightly Back to the Future.
1:19:43 Nice little tip at the end. Duly noted.


This film popped up on iPlayer and yes, I’ll admit it, I only watched it because it was called Lost, and wasn’t there a TV show called that as well?

I was also a bit tempted to see how well Superman fared without Lois.

This was actually a good film. It was slow paced but intriguing, and the suspense gradually built until the end. Even though it was actually quite obvious, I didn’t get the twist until it happened. Dean Cain was pretty good, considering he had to hold the screen for essentially the whole film. I was happily surprised.

Rating: 4 / 5

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