What to Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French

Published September 30, 2015

What to Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French

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Such a sad tale this one. It starts and ends with death, and traverses the exhausting trials of grief throughout. There’s a mystery to be solved - why did Ellie’s husband die in a car crash with a strange woman in the car? Was it an affair? An accident? Or, more likely, given the genre of the book, murder?

Despite being slow-paced, wading through the stages of grief, this is a fascinating story. I thought it especially interesting when the police got involved and had to work their way through the tangled mess themselves. The ending felt a little hurried and bizarre, I felt very distant from it but it certainly wasn’t a disappointing twist.

Overall, though, the book left me feeling sad. For Ellie and for everyone involved in the story. For those left behind.

Rating: Unrated

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