Stone of Fire by J. F. Penn

Published October 9, 2015

Stone of Fire by J. F. Penn

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I’ve been wanting to read this for a while, as I’ve been a follower of Joanne’s work in podcasting and promoting writing as a career. I enjoyed the story, one of your classic religion meets action thrillers where there’s a global chase in search of artefacts that could just see the destruction of the world. It’s a tough genre to stand out in but I think the characters in Pentecost do a good job at holding their own.

I felt like some of the stones they were chasing came a little too quickly - would the keeper really just hand it over like that, knowing it was an important relic? But then again, I adored the concept of a remote control helicopter helping pluck stones from ceilings in the heart of Venice.

Morgan was a gutsy heroine, and I liked that she didn’t buy into the myth until near the end, most of the time on the quest to save her family. It was a fast-paced pageturner which kept me reading until the very last moment and I’m intrigued where the series goes next.

Rating: Unrated

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