My Word is My Bond by Roger Moore

Published September 29, 2015

My Word is My Bond by Roger Moore

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On a whim, I started watching the entire series of Bond movies starting from the beginning and working through each iteration. Somewhere along the way, I realised I had the Roger Moore autobiography, but I didn’t want to read it until I’d finished watching his 007 outings. With that achieved, I dived in.

It’s quite a nice, gentle memoir - a trip down memory lane from the (frankly too early) childhood memories, to the more recent UNICEF adventures. There’s plenty of detail about each of the films Moore has made, and more interestingly how he came about making them. I hadn’t heard of a lot of the people or the films discussed but it was still interesting to read how Hollywood went about its business in those days.

There’s just enough personal information to keep the book interesting whilst equally not really being rude about anyone either. I was surprised at what a practical joker Roger is, he certainly sounds like a nightmare to work with. But equally, it was nice to read his feelings about his good friends - Cubby Broccoli and David Niven in particular. Navigating the history of his many wives was also sensitively handled.

It probably didn’t mean as much to me as someone who has seen more of Roger’s work or knows more about Hollywood at that time, but I’d still recommend it as an interesting read.

Rating: Unrated

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