The Informant by Susan Wilkins

Published January 2, 2018

The Informant by Susan Wilkins

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The underlying story here is an interesting one but there’s quite a lot going on that takes a while to get used to. The main focus is on Kaz, who is released from prison and has to try exceptionally hard to stay out of trouble thanks to her extended family. Around here, there are villains and heroes, undercover cops, a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the department plus lots of characters with their own issues.

It can be a bit busy, but in the end if you just focus on Kaz and her journey, then it remains an interesting story with real heart - not easily achieved considering some of the things that go on within. There’s violence and swearing, bullying and harassment, but also tenderness and kindness if you care to look.

A tough read but an interesting story, and I might check out the sequel now too.

Rating: Unrated

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