Lie Down with Lions by Ken Follett

Published January 3, 2018

Lie Down with Lions by Ken Follett

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Another great adventure story from Ken Follett, this time taking place at various points across the globe - most notably in Afghanistan - as spies and secret agents from both sides wage war against each other. Caught up in the middle is Jane, a smart but trusting woman who finds herself mistreated and mishandled but ultimately capable of looking after herself.

I liked the story, found the politics and ethics of the situations intriguing, but ultimately the detail was a little too much. There was a lot about the baby, and of course the key thing that was hinted at was never resolved. Instead we got to hear about endless feedings. And the walk up the mountains went on forever, particularly as it ended the way it did.

Good, but a bit of a trawl towards the end.

Rating: Unrated

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