Raven Black by Ann Cleeves

Published December 30, 2017

Raven Black by Ann Cleeves

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My overriding feeling on reading this book is melancholy - from the wintry setting and the isolation felt by almost all of the characters. Even though it’s a small and tight-knit community, there seems to be a distance between all of them which only goes to add to the mystery of who can possibly have committed the murder.

I had my guesses and was totally wrong, and whilst I’m on board with the perpetrator, the reason behind it didn’t seem to be a good enough motive? But who am I to say, living in that community might be enough to send anyone a bit loopy.

Good story, very emotive, and it’s nice to have a detective that is just a good guy with no major trauma going on in his life - the biggest issue being whether to make a decision that will disappoint his parents. Good times.

Rating: Unrated

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