The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

Published July 11, 2017

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

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It’s been a while since I re-read the first of these diaries, and the second was just as delightful as the first. I must have read this before, before the start of the book was quite familiar to me, but I’m not sure I’ve ever got to the end, because it certainly took a few twists and turns along the way.

I’ve never really considered a woman’s pregnancy from the point of view of her teenage son, so that was quite fun to peruse. No matter how pretentious Adrian gets, you always end up feeling sorry for him, considering what a mess his family is.

It all comes out alright in the end though, and now I’m super keen to read the next one, I’m pretty confident I’ve never read that one before.

Rating: Unrated

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