On Duty with the Queen by Dickie Arbiter

Published July 10, 2017

On Duty with the Queen by Dickie Arbiter

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At the end of this book, Dickie Arbiter says this was intended to be a professional memoir of a difficult period in the monarchy that he was on hand to witness, but gradually it became something more personal. That shines through during the whole book. It’s about his job in the press room of Buckingham Palace during some very difficult times - the death of Princess Diana in particular.

But then Arbiter links it back to his own life, which reads as a disjointed upbringing that gave him a unique but open take on life and helped him in his job for years to come.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in here, nothing to start rumours or put any existing speculation to rest, but that’s what you’d expect from someone who had been an integral part of The Firm and has an unerring loyalty to what appears to be a close knit team (including the Royals themselves). It’s an interesting book nevertheless, giving an insight into some of the challenges that are faced by those born into their roles.

Rating: Unrated

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