Don't Know Jack by Diane Capri

Published October 13, 2015

Don't Know Jack by Diane Capri

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I’m a big Jack Reacher fan, and whilst the concept of an author nabbing someone else’s characters isn’t new, I wasn’t totally sure I was comfortable with it initially. Then I saw that Lee Child was totally on board with this outside in view of the world of Reacher, so I figured I’d give it a go.

I loved the style of writing in the book. Snappy and to the point, no wasted words. Short sentences, fast pacing. It really drew me in, despite being so staccato throughout. My only issue was that I just got a bit confused. Maybe it’s my fault for getting lost along the way but I found it hard keeping track of who was who and where there were twists regarding who was good and who was bad, I’m not sure I was on top of them enough to enjoy the rollercoaster.

But I still quite enjoyed the read, and it whetted my appetite for both more Reacher and more Otto and Gaspar. They make a great team and I’m intrigued where the search goes next!

Rating: Unrated

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