Safe House by Chris Ewan

Published October 25, 2013

Safe House by Chris Ewan

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I was really fascinated by the opening few chapters of this book - wherein a TT racer has a motorbike accident on the Isle of Man, comes to after blacking out and asks about the welfare of his passenger, only to be told he was riding alone. The “doubting your own senses” thing has intrigued me since watching Flight Plan, and I thought that’s what this would be.

As each chapter flew by, however, it turns out there was a lot more mystery to be had. In fact, I’d argue there was too much mystery, too many twists and turns. I got lost - who was good, who was bad, what was I rooting for anyway? At some point, I definitely thought I’d just have to stop trying to fathom it and wait for everything to become clear. Which it did in the end. Sort of.

It’s also really difficult to get someone normal wrapped up in an abnormal world - one of spies, of hostages, of threats and gunfights and beatings with a baseball bat. I thought the author did a good job keeping our protagonist grounded, and it helped that we saw other sides of the story. Although the switching between first and third person did take a bit of getting used to.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a bit too complicated to rave about, but it was intriguing and well-written and I kept on turning the pages.

Rating: Unrated

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