The Girl With the Lost Smile by Miranda Hart

Published December 29, 2017

The Girl With the Lost Smile by Miranda Hart

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I do so love Miranda that even though this is a kid’s book, I had to read it. Poor Chloe who loses her smile when life starts to get on top of her, she has to go on a handful of adventures to try and find it again. As an adult, reading this, the allegories with real life are obvious, but as a kid, I think this is an important story that will hopefully help anyone in the same situation.

The adventure pieces were great, they reminded me of Wizard of Oz style adventures - where you take normal, everyday objects or situations and twist them just ever so slightly to make them exciting or dangerous, comforting or terrifying, and have to work your way through to the other side. A little frantic in places but otherwise a lovely work.

Rating: Unrated

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