Man and Boy by Tony Parsons

Published November 6, 2004

Man and Boy by Tony Parsons

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Harry sleeps with someone and learns that one mistake can spell the end of everything. His wife leaves him and he has to learn to cope with looking after his baby son. When she comes back, after several months, she expects her son back and Harry finds it hard to say goodbye.

The thing is that it’s told from Harry’s point of view, which is fair enough, only he’s a man, who cheated and ends up looking after a child. I’m a girl, I haven’t cheated, and I don’t have a child. So I found it hard to relate to him. But he’s a genuine character with a lot of love going for him.

A nice story, well told, a little too manly for me, but I read it and will read the sequel and others by him. Recommended if you want to see parenthood from the other side.

Rating: Unrated

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