Man and Wife by Tony Parsons

Published November 7, 2004

Man and Wife by Tony Parsons

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The sequel to Man And Boy, this novel deals with the subsequent marriages and fallings out that happen as the boy grows up and so does his father. Will he be able to cope as his mother becomes ill? Will he be able to resist the new and exciting woman he meets?

Of course Harry is as confused and wandering as ever, and he gets on my nerves a bit but just occasionally, I can see where he’s coming. I get him far more in this one than I did the first. His wife continues to come across as uncaring.

The style of writing is good, open and occasionally funny. I couldn’t remember the first book to start with but it brings you right back into the swing of things and it’s like you never left.

A good story with twists and turns but a conclusive ending. Recommended if you want to see how to get over and on with divorce and marriage.

Rating: Unrated

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