Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks

Published November 5, 2004

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks

Book info

  • Title Playing the Moldovan's at Tennis
  • Author Tony Hawks
  • Year 2000
  • Genres Travel, Non-fiction, Humour

It doesn't take much - £100 is usually sufficient - to persuade Tony Hawks to take off on notoriously bizarre and hilarious adventures in response to a bet. And so it is, a pointless argument with a friend concludes in a bet - that Tony can't beat all eleven members of the Moldovan soccer team at tennis. And with the loser of the bet agreeing to strip naked on Balham High Road and sing the Moldovan national anthem, this one was just too good to resist. The ensuing unpredictable and often hilarious adventure sees him being taken in by Moldovan gypsies and narrowly avoid kidnap in Transnistria. It sees him smuggle his way on to the Moldovan National Team coach in Coleraine and witness (almost) divine intervention in the Holy Land.


Tony makes a bet that he can play and beat the whole National football team of Moldova at tennis. He goes to Moldova and finds it a lot harder than he first thought it would be, and he wasn’t exactly expecting an easy ride! He’s spurred on by the thought that losing the bet means naked singing.

The only Tony Hawks I’d heard of prior to reading this was the American skater (although I think it’s spelt differently) but this one writes a good book. Similar to Dave Gorman in style, although maybe a little less funny. Tony doesn’t seem to go for out and out laughs but has a very literal view and it can’t help but be an amusing journey.

It holds up very well and I’d recommend it if you want the tale of travelling to a small country and a man desperately trying to overcome his obstacles.

Rating: 3 / 5

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