Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know by Ranulph Fiennes

Published January 19, 2017

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know by Ranulph Fiennes

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Ranulph Fiennes has written many books across his exploring career, in fact as he details in this one, that’s how he makes a lot of his living - that and public speaking. This one chronicles all of his many adventures in limited detail, so it’s quite a nice overview of what has been an incredible career.

The details of all the trips are interesting enough but what I found really fascinating was the decision making process behind each expedition. What frame of mind Fiennes was in, why he felt motivated to attempt each feat, and just exactly how it all came together is endlessly interesting.

There are moments of sadness of course, with the death of his beloved wife and the awful moment of losing some of your fingers to frostbite, but overall it’s a very pragmatic and positive piece about exploring the natural world and constantly challenging yourself. Good work.

Rating: Unrated

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