Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Published January 20, 2017

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

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This book has been highly recommended to me and I was looking forward to reading it. The time travel/Groundhog Day nature of it appealed from the outset and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. From the very start, you’re on a heck of a journey with Ursula, from her birth to a variety of deaths, each one starting life over and over again.

I thought it was really well written, and easy to follow despite the difficult timelines throughout. I also liked that some time periods were jumped quickly, whereas other times we got stuck in the one spot - Bridget’s flu or getting out of the Blitz alive.

I think I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second, but that being said, it was a nice open sort of ending allowing you to put your own spin on what happened, and yet still being somewhat of a happy conclusion.

Rating: Unrated

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