Losing You by Nicci French

Published December 22, 2015

Losing You by Nicci French

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I didn’t enjoy this as much as other Nicci French books, it felt far more drawn out and a lot less of a thriller. The story is a young girl going missing and we spend the entire novel chasing around a small partial island with her mother as she tries to track down clues.

It did feel as though Nina, the mother, was recklessly dashing this way and that without a real clue what she was looking for - which is probably exactly how a parent would behave, I don’t know. The trouble is, that doesn’t make for a good story. As much as I knew Nina would be the one to end up stumbling over the truth, I sort of wanted to shout at her to at least listen to the police - they weren’t deliberately trying to hinder the investigation.

The final reveal comes about so quickly, after such a long time spent stringing things along, that it didn’t feel as satisfying as it should have. It was a relatively happy ending, but I still felt there was a lot left unsaid - most of all, was the boyfriend still stuck on the M25?? In the end, not my favourite, but certainly interesting enough.

Rating: Unrated

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