Dot Con by James Veitch

Published December 23, 2015

Dot Con by James Veitch

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This is a quick and easy book to read, simply a list of email correspondence as our protagonist James replies to those trying to scam him out of money. A collection of some of the best conversations gathered over two years, as we start to see more of how the scams work and, more importantly, why they don’t!

The concept of replying to idiot email spammers isn’t new, but it’s almost always amusing. For a start, most people think it’s slightly crazy that spam ever actually works, so it’s interesting to see the reactions of the perpetrators when they think they’ve got a bite. It’s also interesting to see just how long some will hang on in the hopes they get some money out of it, particularly when it starts to be obvious that James is on to them.

Overall, it’s not a groundbreaking book, but it’s a bit of fun surrounding a subject that is otherwise intensely irritating.

Rating: Unrated

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