Cry Wolf by J. Carson Black

Published October 14, 2015

Cry Wolf by J. Carson Black

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I’m always intrigued to start a new crime/thriller series because you always have to wonder how it can be any different to what has gone before. Annoyingly, I’ve picked up this series partway through, but still, then you get to see how the author helps new readers along. Whilst the standard elements are in place here - cop with new partner, murder to be solved, frustrating case that drags on - it’s all a little bit different.

For a start, there’s the twist that our hero Laura confers with her deceased ex-partner, getting his advice now and again. I thought that was an underused part of the plot, it seemed we were introduced to the concept very abruptly and then it wasn’t mentioned again until the very end. I assume this was a bigger part of previous books and not as necessary in this one. I guess it’s better to be underused than overused!

I also really enjoyed the concept of the murder victim being surrounded by people and to each he has spread a different pack of lies. How can you fathom the truth when you’re investigating a pathological liar? It was a good story, well told, and with a satisfying ending.

Rating: Unrated

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