A Bespoke Murder by Edward Marston

Published March 15, 2013

A Bespoke Murder by Edward Marston

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The action in this historical crime drama gets underway straight away with the sinking of the Luisitania after being torpedoed by Germans, and then the murder of a tailor during a fire in his shop whilst his daughter was being assaulted outside. There are a lot of different strands to the book, and quite a lot of characters to get to know quite quickly, but gradually it starts to come together.

The writing can be quite stilted in places, although we are told what characters are thinking and feeling, they still seem to be at arm’s length. It actually works quite well given the period though ‚Äì the story is set during the First World War, when being prim and proper was something to aspire to, and women were just starting to find their voices.

I wasn’t sure I was going to read all the way through, but gradually the characters grew on me and I was interested to find out how two strands of the story fitted together. It was a good ending, too, and now that I’ve finished, I’m tempted to read the second book in the series as well.

Rating: Unrated

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