Dark Winter by David Mark

Published March 8, 2013

Dark Winter by David Mark

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This was really quite a good thriller, a debut novel done very well. I had a few problems with it along the way, but overall it was definitely worth reading, almost a page-turner, with some intriguing characters.

The present tense prose is unusual, and sometimes it would flow well, but sometimes it would feel just a little jarring. The characters were well drawn, although sometimes I felt, quite unusually, that there was a little bit too much of the inner angst from our main protagonist McAvoy.

I quite liked how big a back story the characters already had, and particularly the way that McAvoy’s played into the current story as well. Sometimes it felt as though we were a bit left out of things, as though there was a prequel book we may have missed, but mostly the balance was very good. My only real problem with the story was the big leap made when narrowing down the next victim. It’s never really explained, with just a “that’s what I’d do if I was the killer.” Is that really enough to go traipsing round the country demanding information and putting your big feet in places it isn’t wanted? I’m not sure.

Aside from those few niggles, I thought it was good, interesting, unusual, and I’ll definitely check out the next in the series.

Rating: Unrated

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