Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams

Published March 19, 2013

Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams

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I read this more for completeness than anything else. The first two books in the Hitchhiker’s series were great, the next two lost their way for me, but I wanted to read the fifth part just so I could say I have done so.

I realised part way through that the problem with the later books is the lack of camaraderie between the main characters. When Ford and Arthur finally meet up in this final one, it makes things an awful lot better/more interesting. There’s just not enough of that to keep it going.

I enjoyed the ending, the way things were all tied up together in a fashion you wouldn’t expect, and I did enjoy the general crazy mad scientist wisdom of it all, but really, I wish I’d stuck to the advice I was given of only reading 1 & 2.

Rating: Unrated

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