Knit bits - The craft scarf

Published April 30, 2023

I wanted to just practice the feeling of knitting and test out my endurance and patience levels, so decided to go with a superbly basic garter stitch scarf next. I didn’t think this wool was particularly good, it was labelled as craft wool rather than something you might make items of clothing out of, but as it was just practice, I wasn’t bothered. Turns out, the end result is really quite soft and is super stretchy.

By the end, I was getting a bit impatient but managed to complete the whole thing, and had a bit of fun putting some fringing on at the end as well.

It has not escaped my attention that everything I’ve knitted so far has been on the blue/green end of the scale, and I really need to start mixing up some new colours!

A photograph of a blue knitted scarf

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