Knit bits - The big green hat

Published April 30, 2023

I was so happy with the result of the little blue hat in all aspects except the size of it, I immediately had another go making it a bit bigger.

This turned out just as well and has the added bonus of fitting on my head, so a big step forward. I made my first tassle to go on top, with a cardboard circle method. It was a bit fiddly and didn’t turn out that well, so I immediately invested in those little gadgety tassle maker things. Haven’t made another one since, but when I need to, I’m ready to go!

The attachment between tassle and hat is a bit wobbly, so it feels odd when you actually wear it. Just like the handle and bag connection on the first little bag I made, I definitely need to work on sewing two bits of work together.

A photograph of a green knitted hat

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