Who is the Mandalorian anyway?

Published May 6, 2023

A poster for the third series of The Mandalorian featuring four characters in Mandalorian armour facing in line to the left

Season three of The Mandalorian wrapped up last month to very mixed reviews, and it’s taken me a while to decide how I feel about it. Overall, I liked it. I don’t think it quite lived up to the hype and quality of previous seasons but there was plenty in there to amuse.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen is about the pacing of the show, which was, admittedly, a bit off. The first half of the eight-part series was a lot of drawn out Mandalorian creed and lore and firing up enormous forges. Then blink and you’ll miss it, the team have taken back their planet and survived the big fight with the enemy and all is happy ever after, season ends.

Considering what a big deal having their planet back obviously was, it was all over and done with in a super short time, which felt like it wasn’t really doing it justice. The underlying story was good, the delivery maybe not so much.

I liked that Bo-Katan got to have more of the screen time this series, her story has always felt hugely interesting to me. But equally I don’t know that this was the right place for it - she definitely seemed to be overshadowing our OG Mando, so that I began to wonder who was The Mandalorian of the title anyway?

I also felt like the writers are starting to struggle for what to do with Grogu. He’s still adorable, and giving him the robot suit was fun, but he’s a bit older now and starting to have skills and communications, but isn’t quite ready to really get involved with everything (aside from holding back a massive fireball explosion, naturally).

I hadn’t twigged that the father-son pair reunited in the Boba Fett series so anyone that hadn’t watched it would be a bit confused at the start of this series, but then I do consider that Book of Boba series to be a Series 2.A. of The Mandalorian anyway. Just as before, I feel like these characters do have the mileage to come back series after series and go on adventures, but it needs good thought and planning. I’ve read we have quite a wait before seeing anything around season four, so hopefully there’s time to make it perfect.

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