World of wonders

Published March 18, 2023

An old style globe with a magnifying glass held over countries in Africa

I saw this on Kottke a while back and really wanted to share - Wonders of Street View - a super simple site designed by Neal that just shows you random pictures from Google Maps. It’s one of those things that can suck you in and take up far more of your time than you want, so do be careful before clicking the link… but once you do, it’s a lot of fun.

There are all sorts of things in there: some oddities, some architectural wonders, some funny things, some gorgeous locations, and everything in between. A recent trawl through the wonders showed me the inside of a UK bar, a train graveyard (amazing!), a crater, and a lot of sheep running along a road. Your mileage will, quite literally, vary.

Neal has created a few other fun web projects, I particularly like the game that challenges you to draw logos from memory, the one that illustrates the trolley problem really well, and the one that shows you various areas of the internet on this day ten years ago. All of them are a good way to while away five minutes (or more!).

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