Published March 19, 2023

An illustration of a wavy line of sheet music, splashed with colour and paint spots

If you’ve been following along my musical album odyssey over the past few months, you’ll have noticed that a lot of inspiration for the choices recently has come from the time shifted repeats of Top of the Pops that are available via the BBC. Currently they’re airing episodes from 1994, and I’m loving (almost) every minute of it.

It’s one of the biggest problems with streaming music, the vast amount of choice that is out there and how best to curate it. Apple Music (my subscription of choice) do a pretty good job but even with that, it can often be overwhelming when you open the app and I just end up playing the Back to the Future soundtrack rather than finding anything new.

Combining these two things - nostalgia and music discovery - is the app Rewind. It’s aim is simple: to highlight music from the past in a variety of ways. You can research a particular year and see what were the top albums and songs from that year available. You can check in on particular genres and also see what was making news headlines as well.

I really like the area of the app that shows you what albums were released this week, from across various decades, to help you celebrate their anniversaries. There’s no real reason to celebrate 32 years of R.E.M.’s Out of Time, 32 isn’t one of those kind of numbers, but it’s a good excuse to listen to the album anyway.

The app ties in with the music streaming service TIDAL, because the developer works there, but it’s completely usable without having access to that specific service, it’s just one extra step to open up Out of Time on your streamer of choice and get listening!

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