Sing the theme tune

Published March 16, 2023

A music studio with various instruments in the background - three guitars and two sets of drums - with a microphone in focus at the front

I love this post from The Guardian last week that looks at a handful of artists behind the biggest theme tunes of the last couple of decades - how their songs were chosen, the impact it had on their careers and the legacy they have been left with.

The most obvious one is the first, with The Rembrandts talking about how being the most recognisable song behind sitcom Friends actually ended up breaking the band up for a bit. They’re back together now, thankfully, but it was rough going for a while there. I did like the mention of the producers trying to get the hand claps right. It’s something so simple and yet so many people get it wrong!

Other songs/TV shows mentioned are the superb Vonda Shepherd’s Searchin’ My Soul which opened Ally McBeal (god I need to watch that show again) and went on to earn her a part in the show itself, and California which was so closely tied to teen drama The OC (which I have somehow never actually seen despite it being right up my street).

It’s so fascinating to consider how something so iconic to you for one reason means something completely different to the creators, and can even be an entirely opposite association for them. I’m now interested to see if there’s more out there about other bands and their experiences at the forefront of TV.

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