The soap box

Published January 17, 2023

A picture of several bars of soap, some lavendar, a towel, and a bowl of pot pourri

One of the easiest switches in the battle to reduce plastic is from shower gel and shampoo bottles to soap bars. Soap has, obviously, been around forever, but there’s been a real revolution recently in making it as eco-friendly as possible, as accessible as possible, whilst not being the skin-drying-boring-smelling compromise that some bars are.

Who Gives A Crap, the plastic-free toilet roll delivery organisation, recently launched a new brand called Good Time which sees them branching out into soap and shampoo bars. You wouldn’t necessarily immediately think of turning to a toilet roll company for your nice hair care products, but these look pretty good.

I haven’t tried them myself yet, because my initial zero waste enthusiasm has seen quite the stockpile of soaps waiting to be used up, but these are next on my list once I do need to restock.

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