All for one and one for all

Published January 16, 2023

A still from the Apple TV show For All Mankind featuring Joel Kinnaman and Krys Marshall

The third series of For All Mankind started streaming on Apple last June. For something that I proclaim to be one of my favourite shows, it’s shameful that it’s taken me over six months to get round to watching it. But you know what it’s like, there’s always something shiny and new to try and more TV that its possible to watch, plus it’s always nice to have an old faithful waiting in the wings for when all else fails.

However, my hand was forced when the new series of Carpool Karaoke launched featuring the cast of my favourite space show in one of the episodes, and I didn’t want to watch that in case of spoilers. Lo and behold, I’ve bingewatched the third series and I LOVED IT.

This show never fails to surprise me for its inventiveness, where it’s prepared to go. And yea, it’s drama and it’s a bit over the top and some of the acting can get a bit hammy in places - they poke fun at this at the start of their karaoke appearance - but you can’t help but get invested with these people.

The interesting thing at this point in the show is that we’re a good few decades in now, presumably heading a further step on in season four. Our original cast of characters are starting to get a bit long in the tooth and less relevant in a space show, or inevitably they’ve been killed off in one of the many disasters. So the key thing will be to introduce a new range of characters whilst still keeping things familiar and feeling like we have people to root for.

There’s been an element of that with the next generation of astronauts stepping up to the plate (stepping up to the launch pad?) but that won’t be enough for a full season. The other element that intrigues me is what space travel can possibly be in store - the moon was the first piece of the puzzle, Mars was an obvious next step, but what comes after that? Are we going to see colonies and more planets? Are they actually going to find life on Mars? Anything is possible in this show and somehow remains completely believable and possible.

The creators suggested they had seven years worth of story in their heads to start with, so if Apple keep on renewing it, we’ve got plenty of space in store. In fact, last year, Ronald D Moore said that he could see beyond that too, I guess the sky’s the limit! I’m hoping that because I watched this series so late, the wait until the next one will be almost nonexistent, because I really need to know what happens next.

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