After the afterparty

Published January 21, 2023

It’s no secret how much I love Kellyoke - the moment on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show where she covers a popular song, usually doing a much better job than the original! Another thing I love is behind the scenes info about music, tv and production, which makes this set of videos absolutely perfect. Called the Kellyoke Afterparty, this series of three videos features music director Jason Halbert and guitarist Jaco Caraco sharing a drink and some gossip after the live show.

This video is a clip from one of the episodes that shows the duo talking about how brilliant Kelly’s vocals are and how the different parts of the band build up to make such a great sound together.

The full episodes are more sprawling, and the more the pair drink the more they talk over each other but it’s worth it for the gems uncovered. A couple of notable facts I picked up on:

  • They keep a record of all the guests and rank them on how nice they are to the band, on a scale of 1-10. Pages and pages of guests over the years, but worth nothing that Dolly Parton has 5,000 points. Obviously.
  • Also Dolly doesn’t wear in-ear monitors, whereas the rest of the band and Kelly do. When they did a duet of 9-5, Dolly just walked out and nailed it with no assistance. OBVIOUSLY. And the pair think her voice is getting better with age. Hooray!
  • Every single cover they do has to get permission from the song-writer, not necessarily the artist. In the first series, they got a lot of no thank yous, but once established, they’ve gone back to people who previously rejected them and it’s a resounding yes. Because Kelly is awesome.
  • Shirley from Garbage said yes, and they were like, we need the whole band, and she said you’ve got my yes, I’ll sort the boys. Love.
  • They can record 45 songs in a day. Wowser.

It seems like these videos were a bit of an experiment or a one-off type thing, but I hope we can revisit in the future some more behind the scenes fun and games. It’s always fun to see the workings behind the glossy end result.

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