News for a new year

Published January 3, 2023

I have not been very good at following global news over the last couple of years, mostly because the news tends to focus on all those things that are, you know, the end of the world. I find it hard. But I’m maybe starting to lift my head out of the sand a little bit and do want to keep up with events where I can, so have been approaching news outlets that focus on more than just the obvious topics.

This video from The Economist features five topics that aren’t being talked about very much but are potentially big stories for the coming year. This is my kind of thing.

The five topics covered aren’t all necessarily good news but they do veer more towards positive or at least changing things rather than the topics we know a lot about and can’t do much to change. I’m particularly interested in the fashion piece - moving back to that ‘make do and mend’ mindset is really up my street.

The last item, what jewels will be on the coronation crowns in the context of returning items to the country that rightly owns them, is one that does enrage me - just give stuff back. What’s the point in holding on to stuff to the detriment of relationships with other countries and your own reputation? I’m sure it’s way more complicated than I comprehend but on the face of it, return to rightful owner, no reward required.

And the other three news items: India becoming the most populated country, keeping an eye on Japan’s inflation rates, and psychadelic drugs being approve to help with PTSD, are all fascinating and ones that could make big differences ranging from the global economy, down to individual people struggling.

I’ll never remember this in twelve months’ time but it’ll be interesting to look back in December and see if these were stories to watch or if they disappear under the weight of other news as the year progresses.

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