The men with the maps

Published January 14, 2023

I’ll be honest that I don’t watch a lot of stuff on YouTube, other than the memes and clips from talk shows that gain a lot of popularity. There are a couple of channels I keep an eye on (Pitch Meetings and Tom Scott have been mentioned here previously), but I never mind a new creator to add to the list - particularly when they have fascinating videos that teach you a thing or two. Step up, the Map Men!

The focus here is on maps, obviously, but fun things like odd time zones, setting up your own country, and generally everything you think you know about geography being wrong. I really like this video about pronunciation in the UK - turns out our weird place names at least have some sort of reasoning behind them, even if there’s still plenty of inconsistency in it all.

The format of these videos reminds me very much of Rocketboom, an old school show that also took education and cultural phenomena and presented it in a fascinating, funny and endlessly engaging manner. It makes you want to watch more and learn more. They really should be showing videos like this in schools!

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