Happy new year 2023

Published January 1, 2023

Happy new year 2023

Wahey, we have reached a new year and there’s a fresh 365 days awaiting us. Last year was a bit of a rollercoaster on many levels, and although this is just another night turning into another day, it’s nice to have that clean slate feel of a New Year.

I usually take this space to talk about what my aims and goals are for the year but for 2022 I mixed it up with a whole heap of 30 day challenges instead of twelve months concentrating on one thing. In my round up post, I already discussed how brilliant this was - not every task was a success but I learned something from them all and really enjoyed having a structure to the year. Some of those habits have stuck, as well, which is even better.

I’m hoping to continue this pattern this year, although changing it to a monthly thing rather than thirty days. The confusion that February causes was not worth it, let me tell you! I’ll introduce my first task in a separate post, it won’t be groundbreaking, but I’ve got a huge list of potential options to choose from, so who knows how adventurous I’ll get this year?

Meanwhile, there are still overarching goals for the full twelve months. These things don’t change:

Be good. Be kind. Keep learning. Get through it.

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