Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 10 thoughts

Published November 27, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Back from Blackpool and in the ballroom we know and love, this is a regular dancing week before we hit another theme next week - Musicals week! Sadly Kym couldn’t perform today due to testing positive for Covid, so she technically gets a free pass to next week and at this stage in the competition, I really think that’s a huge advantage!

Nevertheless, we still had six glorious couples dancing (oof it’s getting empty at the bottom of those stairs, isn’t it?) and this is how I thought they got on in week ten.

Will & Nancy - Charleston

I really love Will’s kids coming in and just nailing the swivel step straight away. The rage he must have felt! I still can’t do it! It was a different Charleston, but really good. He had all the moves and a bit of the swagger without going full on silly character. The slo-mo stuff was great, and the lifts fabulous. I loved the high five at the end, too. Great scores.

Molly & Carlos - Tango

There was nothing wrong with this dance but it’s one of those that just felt like it went on for such a long time. Those 90 seconds dragged. The only highlight was Carlos’ incredible fall to the floor, flat out in seconds. A good version of the song, but I worry Billie Eilish might not connect with enough of the audience. Good comments and boy, Shirley really seems to love Carlos.

Ellie & Johannes - Jive

I like their secret language: my turn, my turn! Genius. This was much better than I was expecting, I’m not sure it was light enough or if there was enough retraction, but it was a good dance with lots of character. The judge’s comments were not good, but I liked Jojo’s advice: “If all else fails, give it beans, babe.”

Fleur & Vito - Rumba

Great song but I didn’t engage with this one at all, it was pretty dull and even Vito couldn’t keep my attention. Motsi: “It’s not an easy dance and you gave it a go”. Lots of praise for their connection but not so much for the dancing. Given the comments, I think this was overmarked.

Hamza & Jowita - Argentine Tango

The training footage was a concern, so I went into this a bit worried but no need, it was so good. Both of them were top notch, it was hard to see who the professional was. This was a quick 90 seconds, had to watch it twice! Jowita got singled out for more praise again. Interesting how it was a very men vs women opinion split from the judges. And then great scores in the end.

Helen & Gorka - Samba

Gorgeous Helen with an emotional VT about finding yourself again through this process. :I thought it was just dancing, it’s so much more than that." Good dance, lots of fun, great character. Good hips but maybe not enough bounce. Fun though. Lovely Helen, not great scores but hopefully she’ll be fine.

Will and Hamza at the top of the leaderboard, Helen and Ellie at the bottom. I had predicted Molly to go out this week, but actually it was Fleur and Ellie in the bottom two. Naturally, Fleur was saved by the judges and it makes sense. Ellie was probably the weaker dancer of the pack today and she came so much further than she thought she would, a great journey!

And so, on to week 11, musicals, and a bizarre Friday night live show because of the stupid football. We’re close to the end, now, people!

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