The guitar part

Published December 3, 2022

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Thirty days of guitar completed and I’m a pro now! Just kidding, I can play some of the easier chords and attempt to play some of the other easy ones and pick the occasional note from a string. There’s a long, long way to go. One of the things I was really worried about with this challenge was that I knew how much playing guitar can take a toll on the fingertips - and playing every day might not be the wisest idea. I think I survived, although having taken two days off at the end of the challenge, my fingers are still tingly!

The best part of the process is the moment when you realise you know enough chords to play a song you know. I’m terrible, slow, barely can keep a rhythm, but I have achieved the goal of playing and singing through a whole song. Hooray! I’m not going to be on Top of the Pops anytime soon, but you just never know what might happen in the future!

I’m keen to keep learning, particularly so as not to lose any of the progress I’ve made so far, but I think it will be a less regimented ’every day’ kind of situation. I’ll see out my subscription on Yousician because it’s been so instrumental (pun intended) in the learning process, but will have to review when the renewal date comes.

I had intended to do 12 challenges this year, one a month, but now we’re in December and I think I’m done for the year. There’s so much else going on, alongside just wanting the chance to rest up and indulge in cheesy Christmas content. But I’ve got a list of potential 30 day challenges that just keeps getting longer, and I’ve loved the process, so this is certainly not the end.

In the meantime, you’ll find me strumming away and practicing the stupidly hard F chord. Do you want to join my band?

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