The end of Andor is just the beginning

Published November 27, 2022

Andor poster - a beige cracked wall background with stylised ‘Andor’ in the centre and red

This week, the final episode of Andor streamed on Disney+ bringing to a close a 12 episode season that is one of the best Star Wars creations since Rogue One (not counting Baby Yoda, obviously). Whilst I have my obsession with the Mandalorian firmly in mind, I have to admit that the quality of this series of Andor really shone through from start to finish. Okay, not quite the start, I did already mention that the first couple of episodes were slow, slow, slow. But since then it has only gone from strength to strength.

What it took my time to appreciate, and what the first episodes probably leaned too much into for season openers, is that this show isn’t afraid to take its time to tell the story. The final episode, where all the moving parts converge on the planet of Ferrix for a huge showdown took its time to build the tension. It featured a funeral march that was shown in all its one-step-at-a-time glory, plus a rousing speech that was lengthy and emphasised only by glimpsing the various characters listening or looking at each other. In my previous post, I was mad at the time taken just sitting with Syril eating cereal in his house. I still think that’s a weird choice, but I get it, it’s the style of the show. The moments where people are just trying to come to terms with this new world they live in.

But it’s not all slow and thoughtful, there’s action to be had too. The riot happened, the fights were brutal, the blasters from the Stormtroopers as ineffectual as always. Some of our characters made it, some didn’t, of course Andor lived to see another day and another series. His fate has always been known but it’s not the same for the other characters and the more we see of them, the more they grow and embed themselves on this Star Wars universe that’s been around for such a long time yet still seems so new.

And oh, that final post-credits scene where we finally got a glimpse of what the prisoners had been building put into use. Crushing and brilliant.

The Boba Fett series took a character from the films and didn’t quite deliver on adding to his history. Andor is the complete opposite. Intriguing and tense, captivating and moving, gripping and devastating all the way through. I cannot wait for more from this part of the galaxy.

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