Wrexham, we love you

Published October 22, 2022

Media image from Welcome to Wrexham, showing Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney posing with the Wrexham football team

I wrote about Welcome to Wrexham after the first few episodes, gushing with love and admiration at a great series - particularly one about football. That all stands up now that the series has completed, it only served to get better and better. The stakes got higher, the emotional rollercoaster more incredible, and we cheered and cried along with everyone involved. Fantastic. It’s coming back for a series two and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The only two things that changed during the second half of the series is 1) how weird the episode release pattern got and b) a handful of ‘special episodes’ that took us out of the football season and delved more into various aspects. Let’s get the release schedule out of the way first - who came up with that nonsense? It was two a week, then there was a week with only one, then there were four and the final week had three. I mean… what?

The special episodes were a bit odd too. It’s not a surprise that Rob McElhenney likes to throw in an out of context feature (I’m looking at you Mythic Quest) although only the chat show one felt like filler rather than anything actually useful. It did feature bonus Charlotte Church though, so I’m here for it. On the flip side, the special about Rob and Ryan’s friendship and a deeper look into the psychology of men and sports was absolutely fascinating. There’s no equivalent term for bromance when it comes to women because we don’t need one. Eye-opening.

Those two things aside, the series was full of heart and love and warmth and a journey that you just want to continue. I loved the moments that broke down stereotypes - the reformed hooligan with a restraining order who goes out with a potential policewoman, the fact that footballers are real people, not just characters to bitch and moan about, the young guys just trying to open up and share but finding it so hard. Oof, it was so good.

Here are some more excellent quotes from the second half of the season:

“But don’t worry, you won’t learn much. And I suspect you’ll retain almost none of it.”

“My American optimism and your Canadian pragmatism, uh, both fucked us.”

“When you wake up, are you in full sprint or are you still lying in bed?”

“The outcome so far has been just this side of acceptable.”

“That’s three times he’s hugged Ollie with no shirt on.” (Jealous Rob is adorable.)

“Do men get close with each other because they love sports or do men do sports because they want to be close to each other?”

“I’m not going to say anything profound because I’m a dumb-dumb, but I wanna say thanks. You played your fucking heart out.”

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