Brick by Lego brick

Published October 23, 2022

The Lego DeLorean

While dreaming up ideas for potential 30 day challenges, I pondered whether thirty days of Lego would be something that could work. I love the sets they do featuring elements from popular culture - a lot of fun and nostalgia all in a handful of plastic bricks. It didn’t take long to drop the idea because have you seen how expensive these sets are? Maybe one day in the future but for now, I had to settle for just browsing the online store.

Here’s a wish list for future me to refer back to:

  • Sanctum Santorum - Doctor Strange isn’t my favourite MCU superhero, but this is a pretty iconic building.
  • Razor Crest - I love how iconic some of the craft are in Star Wars, this one is right up there with…
  • Millennium Falcon - wow this is expensive but it’s also over 7000 bricks so I guess you’d get a few hours of entertainment out of it!
  • Winnie the Pooh - A totally different vibe to the above but oh so adorable.
  • Hogwarts Castle - Harry Potter and Lego have been partners for a long time and there are two iconic elements, the castle…
  • Hogwarts Express - …and the train.
  • Back to the Future Time Machine - Otherwise known as a DeLorean, this is my favourite, naturally.
  • Home Alone - If you gave me a hundred guesses, I wouldn’t come up with this, great idea.
  • Friends Apartments - This is more like the houses I would guess. I know there’s a Central Perk too.
  • NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander - I mean, self-explanatory. What’s not to like?

There are some real classic gems available, and also some great little surprises. It’s almost as much fun browsing the store as it would be putting together the sets anyway. Almost!

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