The bad is oh so good

Published October 18, 2022

A poster for the TV show Bad Sisters with the five main characters posing around a hearse

We need to talk about Bad Sisters. This Apple TV+ show had all the hallmarks of being a promising comedy-drama, coming from the creative mind of Sharon Horgan and being firmly based in and around Dublin. The first episode was intriguing and instantly had me hooked and the show honestly just got better and better until an extremely satisfying and cathartic finale.

Chronicling the fight five sisters had to rid themselves of a really horrible man, each episode featured a new attempt on John Paul’s life, each one ultimately being unsuccessful. It doesn’t sound funny, I know, but the clumsy nature of the attempts made it that dark comedy you can’t help but love. John Paul’s disturbing coercive behaviour was only palatable knowing that he gets his comeuppance at the end, and the joy was in the mystery of wondering just when and where it would happen… and if everyone would get away with it.

Driving the murder mystery was the investigation of two adorable brothers from the insurance company, another unconventional family dynamic with many of their own problems. How they interweaved in and out of the lives of the sisters was another stroke of genius because by the end I was so desperate that none of the girls got into trouble, but that the boys didn’t go bankrupt either. I just wanted everyone to be happy.

I could probably write a separate post each about how great the sisters were: Eva’s tough overprotectiveness, Grace trying desperately to cling on to herself, Ursula navigating something of a mid-life crisis and Bibi dealing with plenty of lingering animosity but offset against a wonderful family setup. However, I could never have predicted that Eve Hewson (who I’ve previously under-rated) as Becka would absolutely steal the show. Vulnerable but hilarious, crossing boundaries but also linking generations, she was just fabulous.

Last I checked, Rotten Tomatoes has this show with a 100% approval rating and that is absolutely how it should stay. A work of art.

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