The smallest of updates makes all the difference

Published October 26, 2022

A pile of books end on to the right of the picture, blank space to the left, all with a blue gradient over the top

In September, I wrote about the latest updates that iOS 16 brought to the Apple Books app, in particular a consternation about the stupid cross in the corner ruining the reading experience. Well, thank goodness, they’ve fixed it. This week saw a raft of updates to various devices, and as ever, I’m grateful to have a nerd in the house to make sure everything is up to date as and when it’s needed.

The amazing thing is, I didn’t even notice that the cross was gone because it so naturally shouldn’t have been there that its absence was just normal. It took Mr C reading through the release notes to notice, but I’m so happy that this has been fixed.

There are lots of other updates across devices, and I’m very intrigued to try out Stage Manager for iPad (hearing mixed reviews on this one), and dive further into the tweaks to Notes and Reminders to get more from filtering and searching. One of the big things they released was being able to use Fitness+ with iPhone and not just Watch, which only seems to have made the connection screen very crowded, but I’ll reserve judgement on that for a bit.

In my previous post, I was confident I’d actually stick to the plan of reviewing everything the new updates had to offer. I’ve not really managed as much of that as I’d like, but there’s still time.

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