Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 5 thoughts

Published October 24, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

We’ve got a bonus theme week this time round with the BBC celebrating 100 years and Strictly jumping right into the fun. When the list of songs and dances were revealed, it was quite eye-opening. Our stars would be dancing to a variety of BBC theme tunes and related songs and some of them looked like they would be more successful than others. I couldn’t see how the Grange Hill theme tune was going to work, and I couldn’t remember that Line of Duty had a theme tune anyway - but as always, judgement had to be withheld until we’d seen the performances on the dancefloor.

The opening number was great, including a bonus glimpse of Bruce. Adorable.

Helen & Gorka - Charleston (Blue Peter)

Obviously, Helen was going to do something Blue Peter related, but I was worried the dance was going to be sailor themed, given the song. But thankfully it was kids TV themed and it was GREAT. Helen really came out of her shell and went for it, the lifts were brilliant and there were some incredible tricks with the ball and the ribbon. Loved the model at the end, too, model Craig was fab.

Tyler & Dianne - Tango (Doctor Who)

I don’t know about anyone else but I was a bit annoyed that Tyler was dressed as the wrong Doctor for the episode they were trying to pay tribute to. Also Dianne already has red hair, why not be Donna or Pond? Anyway, it was okay, a bit dull. Anton was right that it felt like it might go wrong at any moment.

Fleur & Vito - Jive (Eurovision)

Outraged at what they’ve done to Vito - that hair! Loved the Graham Norton intro though. Great character and energy, I’m not sure it was the cleanest jive I’ve ever seen but she looked like she was having fun. Vita was living his best life, with the guitar and everything. Fun.

James & Amy - Foxtrot (Eastenders)

What is this Julia’s theme? We want the main theme. It took so long to get to the drums in the middle and then finally the tune we recognise. He looked great, I’m not sure the dance was all the steps in the right order and he did look a bit stilted in places. Very critical from Craig though.

Ellie & Nikita - Paso Doble (The Apprentice)

Nikita as grumpy businessman doing those knee slides across the floor? This kid keeps growing on me every week. Some moments were great, some not so much, and I think they went out of time at one point. But incredible core strength and great character. An illegal lift that Craig picked up on but otherwise good stuff.

Molly & Carlos - Couple’s Choice (Grange Hill)

I don’t remember the Grange Hill theme having a rap in it, but sure. I couldn’t put my finger on why but it really didn’t work for me. The judges seemed to agree - good but not great. I quite liked Tess being mum and handing round the towels after custard pies in the face.

Hamza & Jowita - Quickstep (Nature Programming)

I don’t particularly know this song as being a nature thing but never mind. The CG polar bears were much better than the elephant from before. Great song, good concept, very good dance although not perfect. I was worried from the training footage during the week that it would be too fast, but Hamza kept up well.

Ellie & Johannes - Tango (Casualty)

This is another one that raised questions about how it would work. Kicked off with a cute skit at the beginning, that apparently made Motsi laugh a lot. It was a really good tango, much more entertaining than Tyler’s. I thought it was a bit stiff to start with but then Ellie eased into it. Slightly lower scores than I’d expected but I think the opening will save them.

Jayde & Karen - Charleston (Victoria Wood)

I was nervous about this one as well, but Jayde started off singing the opening few bars which was amazing. The following dance wasn’t great though, Karen was doing all the work and although Jayde did the character and performance well, there wasn’t a lot of Charleston energy. Was there any swivel?

Will & Nancy - Viennese Waltz (Line of Duty)

It DOES have a theme tune! Good dance, really good fleckerl. Will’s long legs allowed him to cover a lot of ground, and they told the story well - very dramatic ending! I didn’t notice the mistake, and Craig apparently didn’t care about it!

Tony & Katya - Cha Cha Cha (Grandstand)

Oh bless Tony, you could see he was trying and wanted to do well but this was so bad. The football thing went wrong, the steps were all in the wrong order, Katya really had to wrestle him around the floor. Fun but not at all good. Tony’s face at the end said it all.

Kym & Graziano - Quickstep (Come Dancing)

I can’t really forgive Kym for saying Come Dancing was the Strictly of its time. Erm… obviously? This got better as it went on, although did she start on the wrong foot? It felt like the first section was a bit weird but then after that it was perfect. I loved the bit where she was turning and then they ended up in hold, like magic. Lower scores than I thought it deserved, although the replays do show the frame was a bit dodgy in places.

Before watching it all, my initial prediction was potentially Hamza being in the bottom two based on it being a fast dance that he might not enjoy. After viewing, my prediction was Tony and James - there’s only so long you can get away with fun over form, and James is a bit weaker than the others but mostly because the song annoyed me. Mr C predicted Molly and Jayde and, lo and behold, he was right.

Sadly we lose Jayde from the competition but it’s so close now. Tony is the weakest link but apart from that, they’re all so level, it really comes down to who suits which dance and whether they manage to pull it off on the night. Incredible! Can’t wait for next week… with a slightly more sensible theme.

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