Assembled, disassembled

Published August 15, 2022

Marvel Studios logo on a green background

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to dominate a lot of my viewing, with recent additions having mixed results. I’m loving a lot of the TV content they’ve developed, while some of the movies have been less successful for me (I’m looking at you Eternals). One thing I’ve really enjoyed, though, is the Marvel Studios: Assembled series.

I’ve mentioned it before when it highlighted some great things about the making of Shang-Chi but there have been a lot more episodes since. For every big TV series or movie that is released, the team put out an accompanying Assembled episode which goes behind the scenes of how the content has been put together. (Oddly, the first six were grouped together as a series and the rest as standalone episodes but you can find them if you search ‘Assembled’.)

It features insights from directors, actors, wardrobe and other crew, as well as technical details about how effects have been managed and what new technologies are being implemented. There’s really something for everyone. You know how much I love a behind the scenes.

Not only is it great additional content for a release, sometimes it’s better than the main event. As mentioned, Eternals didn’t do it for me at all, but watching the behind the scenes and understanding some of the choices made was fascinating. Occasionally that extra insight can help me like the main product more, although, sorry to harp on about it, not in the case of Eternals.

Also, it turns out, the show is great even if you haven’t watched the content it is breaking down. Mr C opted not to get involved with Moon Knight, but did watch the related Assembled episode with me and still found it interesting. Also, with that plus the Pitch Meeting fondly ripping into the series, you get to know all you need to without having to even watch the original! Five hours saved!

So, overall, I think Marvel Studios: Assembled is a real hit. It puts me in mind of Doctor Who Confidential which was a popular behind the scenes of each episode of the main sci-fi show. There was an outrage when that was cancelled and people still talk of it with love and reverence. Hopefully Assembled will continue for the foreseeable future, giving us even more insight to the superheroes we know and love.

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