Groot's starring role

Published August 14, 2022

Marketing artwork for the TV show I Am Groot, showing Groot relaxing in a mud bath with cucumber over his eyes

If you had to say to me, which of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy would make the perfect subject of their own spin-off TV show, I don’t think Groot would be my first choice. Baby Groot is, of course, adorable, but the limited dialogue offered by everyone’s favourite tree-based character would seem to reduce what any follow up shows could be about.

Well, as always, I’m wrong, because Disney have done just that, given our Groot a spin-off made up of five short episodes (really short, a couple of minutes each), which mean the lack of any significant scripting isn’t really felt. And it gives Groot the chance to do what he does best - be adorable.

The five episodes are short and sweet:

  • Groot gets jealous of a bonsai tree but finds freedom
  • Groot discovers life bigger than him, and smaller than him
  • Groot fights and dance fights with an alien
  • Groot learns about fashion and using up precious resources
  • Groot tries to create glitter but actually makes bigger problems

The thirty minute tantrum was my favourite bit of the whole output, particularly as it ends with a spectacular face-plant. Actually Groot seems to fall a lot. The way he totters around and causes chaos really reminded me of Morph, a similar character that didn’t talk much.

I liked it, it’s fun, but I don’t know that I would be missing much if it didn’t exist. But not all content has to be purposeful, sometimes it can just be an adorable tree-like creature learning about his surroundings and having lengthy tantrums along the way.

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